Veterinarian In Reno Reveals Issues On Dogs

Quick Ways To Solve Two Types Of Common Dog Problems

There is probably no two animals that get along better than dogs and humans in the entire world and talk to your local vet clinic for info. Sure, some animals feed off each other, but dogs and humans like being together and enjoy each other’s company. However, there are always going to be some problems, especially with a new puppy, that needs to be attended to so they don’t get out of hand. Here are some dog problems and their secure solutions that can help you take better care of your best friend.

Dogs Like To Chew; It’s Hereditary

Chewing on all the wrong things is very common among young dogs and isn’t something that can be stopped altogether. Instead, it’s better to redirect it to the appropriate toys that will satisfy the dog’s urge to chew and keep it from ruining valuable items, like shoes, furniture, toys and power cords. Dogs use their mouths, especially when young, to explore the world around them as human children do as well.

The key to stopping the chewing problem is always to correct the dog with a mild scolding and then give them a good chew toy to replace your shoe. You should keep all boots and other chewable toys up out of reach of a puppy as well. Part of the problem is that when a puppy’s deciduous teeth are coming in they’re painful and chewing helps alleviate that pain. Make sure you have plenty of good quality leather and rubber toys for your dog to chew on at all times.

If your dog only chews when you’re out of the house, then he may have an anxiety problem. This can be helped by leaving a TV on, music playing or a tape of your voice talking. Then, if it continues, find a safe place where your dog can’t get into any trouble while you’re gone with water, food, and a chewable to keep him company.

Barking Can Be Annoying When It’s At The Wrong Times

One of the reasons many people have dogs is because they watch and listen with keen eye infection for dogs, dog’s nose infection, and ear infections, all day long for suspicious intruders. However, some dogs will get in the habit of barking at birds, other dogs, and good neighbors. You should take the time to introduce your neighbors to your dog and scold him if he misbehaves. When he’s right, you should always praise him as well so that he gets used to knowing when to, and when not to, bark.

If your dog is bored, then that might be the reason that it barks at birds and everything else that moves. Get some toys, chewable, or play with your dog daily to see if that eliminates the barking. Taking your dog for a walk every day is also very good for it, and you as well. That way it gets used to seeing other people, other dogs, and learns that the whole world isn’t a suspicious, scary place to be afraid of.

If you have a dog problem, there are lots of tutorials available online that can help with in-depth, scientifically backed, methods that work. Dogs want to please us and try their best to do so, so if your dog is misbehaving, you can usually spend the time to teach it, and it will learn, they’re pretty smart animals, sometimes more intelligent than humans, you’ll hear people say.